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Why is Content Marketing Important for your business?

Content Marketing | 24-Feb-18

Sunila Menon

Have you come across the phrase, “Content is king”? Though earlier content marketing used to be just a way to set your brand apart from your competitors, it has nowadays become a necessity for all modern brands. Content Marketing is considered as the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns.  

It is a fact that behind every great brand there is a wealth of relevant and important content that connects with the audience. But, you might be wondering, what role does content marketing play. To make it simpler for you, here are a few benefits that content marketing offers a business.

1. Improve your brand’s reputation through content marketing:

One of the biggest advantages that shows the benefits of content marketing is the reputation building qualities. It is very important that businesses build trust with their customers and leads. Building trust can help businesses create a positive brand reputation. When customers start reading your content, they start to develop a positive opinion about your brand. The more value you provide to the client with your content, the simpler it will be to build trust with your audience.

2. Informative content helps in influencing conversions:

Another important benefit of content marketing is conversion statistics. It has been proved that content marketing offers conversion rates about 6 times higher compared to other digital marketing methods. Many customers make their purchasing decision after reading the recommendations on a blog. Content Marketing helps in increasing the marketing leads, both in quality and quantity. In order to optimize content for conversions, make sure that a clear Call-to-action is include in it. An apt call-to-action tells the reader what they have to do next, helping in the conversion process.

3. Well-optimized content improves SEO results:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role on improving the visibility of a business. However, if you want to improve SEO, you have to create optimized content. Websites that post consistent blog content has an average of 434% more pages indexed by the search engines when compared to the sites that don’t publish at all.  More content you have in your site, more pages the search engine will index and show to users in the search engine results. More pages, if not necessarily results in higher traffic, it gives the brand the opportunity to rank for your keywords.

4. Creating great content is a cost-effective method to generate new leads:

Lead generation plays a vital role in small business that depends on consistent traffic to grow their brand and improve sales. It is not only great for lead generation, but is an affordable choice too. It is vital to note that content marketing is time demanding, and it can take a while to see the results. This is true especially when it comes to SEO. The significance of content marketing is more when you consider the return on investment.

With all the above mentioned benefits, it is easy to find out why content marketing is considered important for business. Not only does content marketing help in enhancing visibility, but also helps in establishing strong relationships with your customers and leads.

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