Reasons why your website needs to be Mobile Optimized

Website Developement | 30-Jan-18

Sunila Menon

An important question that most of the entrepreneurs think is whether they should make their business website mobile-friendly or not. If you too are on the same boat then, here are a few reasons why it is important to make your website mobile friendly.

All of us have heard it before not once, but several times. It is no more a secret that mobile is going to stay. Businesses have started to think about the mobile users. But have any of you thought why is it so? 

Obviously, we all know that a responsive website makes mobile browsing quite simple. But, what is the need?  Why is mobile optimization is required for your business?


Here are a few reasons why your website should not compromise on being unresponsive and then see how we can help you optimize your website.

1) Major population is on mobile: We are now living in a world where there are very few people who do not use smartphone. Today, nearly 1.2 billion people are accessing web from the mobile devices. Almost 80% of the internet users have a smartphone with them. In simple words, we can say that if those people are online, it means they are likely on their phones. It’s just half the number. These will definitely increase towards the future. When simply put, we need to think mobile, because major ratio of the population will be on mobile.

2) 80% of web traffic is mobile: There would be hardly anyone who will not be interested in increasing traffic to their website. Over half of the web traffic comes through mobile. If you are willing to attract mobile traffic, you should think mobile. A question that definitely strikes everyone’s mind at this point of time is, “Why can’t mobile users simply engage with your desktop site through their phones?” The answer to that is...

3) Mobile users behave in a different way: While it is hypothetically the same individuals behind both desktop and mobile traffic, these individuals tend to behave in a different way across all the devices. Despite the limited bandwidth, the mobile users have a tendency to consume a disproportionately large amount of visual media, with a main focus on images and short video. Social media websites like Instagram has achieved a major success from providing solely images and videos respectively. Capturing major traffic demands an optimized design, connecting the power of these types of media to engage the users.

4) Mobile users use different screens: According to researches, about 90% of people switch between various devices to achieve a goal. This means that even if the desktop is handling bulk of conversions, users will engage with your website through mobile at certain point of time in the sale procedure. More often, users will browse on their phones while bored, looking for certain things that interests them and then shift to a desktop for completing the purchasing cycle once they found something attractive. If your website cannot handle all types of screen, then that means you are missing out major part of sales.

5) Social media referrals are majorly on mobile: 90% of the mobile internet access is utilized for different types of social activities. As social media continues to grow, it’s finding its main hub on the mobile devices. If your business involves social media marketing of any kind then, there is a better than average chance incoming traffic will be getting into your website through mobile devices. An unresponsive website can disprove your content marketing struggles and waste your money.

So, if you are thinking to move to a responsive website then, get in touch with us. Our professional developers will make sure your website is well optimized for all the devices .

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