Why your Business needs a Mobile App?

Mobility | 05-Oct-18

Sunila Menon

All of us have it in our pockets. Isn’t it?

You guessed it right. We are talking about mobile phones.

Nowadays, the core functionality of mobile phones has shifted from making calls to various other uses like for example to run various applications that serve almost all purpose.  

If you believe that mobile apps are only meant for big brands, you are wrong. More and more businesses from all around the world, providing a wide range of products have started following the mobile trend. They have started to move from the physical world of distributing leaflets, printing ads and hanging billboards to the mobile world. And you should also.

These days it is common to find that most of the small businesses we interact with in our day-to-day life have their own mobile app- be it a restaurant or a jewelry store. Now, we know what is going in your mind:

Our business does not require a mobile app for selling products!

May be it was true in the past, but if you want to grow your business in future, then you definitely should develop a mobile app. In case if you are still not convinced why you should build your own mobile platform, here are the top 10 reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

1. Be visible to customers at all times

Undoubtedly, a mobile app is an effective way to make your business visible and reach out to maximum potential customers. Studies have revealed that an average mobile internet user spends almost 80 per cent of their time on apps. A user spends 200 minutes every day on mobile internet. With such a large number of consumers using mobile devices, it is of no surprise that Apple’s App Store & Google Play Store receive millions of hits on a daily basis. So, why should not you take benefit out of it? Launching your business app can help you reach millions of people, which is impossible to do otherwise.

2. Available for the customers anytime, anywhere

This is possibly one of the biggest reasons why your business should have a mobile app. No matter whether your store is open or not, your customers can check your catalogue at any time and from anywhere. Even while your customer is travelling, or even if he or she is in a different time zone, a mobile app will ensure that your customers can get benefits from your services, which is impossible to achieve from a non-digitized method. It has been noted that an average person first tries to operate everything directly from his or her mobile and when your business is not accessible, you ultimately lose customers.

3.Serves as a direct marketing channel

As your customers are most of the time with their smartphones, you have a good chance to promote your brand whenever you want. All the necessary information you would like to share- be it sales, offers or promotions is available on their mobile phones. Through push notifications you get closer to your customers for a direct interaction and also remind them about your brand, products and services. Do the right research on your audience, find the right mobile platform and that’s it. You are all set to take your marketing to another level.

4. Build brand awareness

One of the most significant things a mobile app provides to its consumers is communication and awareness about your brand. A mobile app is similar to a blank billboard sign. You can do whatever you want to do with it. You can make it look stylish, informative or functional. But what you should keep in mind while developing an app is include those features in your app that your customers will love, while at the same time is beautifully designed and properly branded.

5. Better customer engagement

No matter whatever is your business, your customers look for a way through which they can reach you. Having a messaging or “Help Desk” feature in your mobile app can bring a huge difference in the way you communicate with your customers. Think about it. Instead of calling a restaurant for booking a table for the evening, you can book the same within few clicks through a mobile app. Which one would you prefer. Definitely, booking through an app.  Consumers nowadays want a fast and easy way to access your products, services, and contact information. Nothing can serve this demand better than a mobile app.

6. Get customer insights

One of the major benefits of having a mobile app for your business is getting valuable information about customers. With this informative data, you will get a deeper idea on their demographic, understand what they want and later on use this info to improve your products or services. Interpreting that collected data to receive valuable insights can result in smarter investment along with an increased ROI.

7. Make money through app

Using sponsorship methods and advertisements, you can earn money through your app from a third party. Once the app is ready, you can think of earning money through it by using different app monetizing methods, like for example in-app advertising.

8. Helps you stand out from the crowd

These days not all small businesses have mobile apps, but yes, they are into developing an app for their brand. Having a mobile app for your brand will help you stand out from your competitors since they might not have an app, and even if they have, there is always a room for improvement.

9. Boosts revenue & profits

When customers are satisfied, sales increases too. It has been stated that 70% of buying experiences are affected by how your customers feel they are treated.  More interested the people become with your brand, product or your service, greater will be the consumer demand. If you have a product your customers can’t try their hands on, that demand will definitely give you some serious return on investment. This is where a mobile app provides benefits like none other.

10. Develop customer loyalty

Last, but not the least, another important reason why you should consider developing a mobile app for your business is building customer loyalty. With all the advertisements, roadside banners, newspaper ad, web banners, flyers, coupons- there are chances of losing impact on our customers. Having an app ensures a true connection is built between you and your customers, therefore creating loyalty towards your brand.

Now that you have come across so many benefits of having your own business app, you would definitely want to develop a mobile app for your business.  Webeaz can help! We provide Android app development, IOS and Cross Platform development services for various business and organizations. Share your requirements with us and our experts will get in touch with you.

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