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Why moving your business to Cloud is a smart move?

Cloud Computing | 18-May-18

Sunila Menon

Cloud computing is present everywhere nowadays. Most of the businesses, from startups to well-established organizations, use Cloud Computing in some way or the other mainly for streamlining their existing procedures, application deployment, data storage, backup, hosting and everything else one can think of.

But what is Cloud? Why it is becoming an important part of every business today?

Simply defined, Cloud Computing is the computing based on the internet. In the past, where people would run programs or applications using software downloaded on their computer or server, Cloud Computing helps people access the same type of application through the internet.

Have you ever thought why are so many businesses moving to the cloud? It is because Cloud Computing helps in improving cash flow, increases efficiency and offers many other benefits. Check out few of them below:

  1. Flexibility

Cloud is perfect for a business that has fluctuating demands. Say for example, that sales during the holiday season are double compared to the rest of the year. In order to manage the difference in demand, you require an infrastructure that increases during the holiday season to meet the increasing demands of your business, but scales back during the mid-year so that you can save some money.

In simple words, your infrastructure needs to dynamically scale depending on the demand and growth of your business. That is what exactly cloud does.

With Cloud, you get the option to add extra storage space and computing resources when required. At the same point of time, you can scale it back whenever not in need. As you need to pay only as per your usage, you can modify your resources as per your requirements.

2. Security

There is a common misconception that keeping things on the cloud is risky. Take the example of a bank. If somebody gave you a million dollars some 10 years ago, you’d have kept it under your mattress, doubting the ability of the bank to safeguard your investment. Today, it is not the case. Once you get the money, you’d march straight away to the bank as they have made huge investments in the security.

Now think of the technical scenario. With the scale that organizations like Google & Amazon are keeping resources in the cloud, they can offer better and faster security compared to any startup. Small companies may take months or years to cover up a vulnerability. By monitoring the attacks and fixing bugs in a faster way, cloud solution providers provide a secure experience that customers look forward to.

3. Hassle-Free Maintenance

The beauty of Cloud solutions is that the servers are off-premise and out of your sight. When you use a Cloud service, there is no need to think about any software updates, installing patches etc.  It lets you enjoy a hassle-free maintenance thus giving you enough free time and resources which you can utilize to improve your business.

4. Improved productivity

Today, the world is very competitive, therefore it is important to use every tool possible to improve your productivity and come out with better products and services, in terms of both quantity as well as quality. Cloud solutions provides you access to a wide varieties of productivity tools and enterprise-class technology which was earlier only available to established companies. With such tools start-ups, small companies can also act fast, have access to best resources and can improve their overall productivity.

5. High Speed

The normal time needed to install and configure services takes weeks whereas using a cloud service will help you set up and run the services in just a matter of few hours. This is one of the major benefits why businesses whether it is eCommerce or any other business is adopting Cloud services.

6. Flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime

With Cloud Computing Services, if you have an internet connection you can work. With most advanced Cloud services providing mobile apps, you are not limited by which device you have to use.  The ultimate results? Your business can provide more flexible working perks to the employees so that they can balance work and life- without affecting the productivity.

Still not moved to the cloud?

The benefits mentioned above is enough to convince a business to move to Cloud Solutions. Whether your company is new to the cloud or you want to expand or consolidate your existing Cloud services,get in touch with us. Our experts are here to help with different Cloud solutions platform.

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